Born in 1966

Lives and works in Croissy-Sur-Seine

Académie Charpentier former student

Studied fine arts and art history at La Sorbonne

Many collective and individual exhibitions in and around Paris, where she received many awards.

Vaesca is Catherine Vaës


Registration number L768129

Individual exhibitions

- Café in, in Carrières sur Seine, January 2009

- Château Chanorier in Croissy sur Seine, December 2008

- Artists’ workshop open doors in Chatou, October 2008

- Artists’ workshop open doors in Chatou, October 2007

- St Leonard Chapel in Croissy sur Seine, November 2004

- Coté Gourmand restaurant in Rueil Malmaison, April 2003

- Ville d’Avray Gallery, May 2002

Collective exhibitions

- SHALP art exhibition in Puteaux, November 2010 (the town purchased a piece of work)

- Vaucresson Art on Paper Biennial, May 2010 (best work award)

- 21st fine arts exhibition in Chatou, November 2008 (best work on paper award)

- St Pierre de Nemours, June 2008 (local council award)

- Rueil Malmaison Multimedia Library, April 2007

- Mil Arti’s in Croissy sur Seine, December 2006

- Exhibition at l’Entrepôt in Croissy sur Seine, May 2005 and June 2006


Chosen for its smell and colours.

Its various textures are comparable to those of skin.

Both fragile and solid,

It withstands, letting it glide or be overcome.

Black ink

It is part of the tale.

Writing, calligraphy and Sumi-e.

It is noble,

With a strong personality.

It is best expressed on quality paper.

It lets go more freely in the company of water.


Drinking it means being already grown.

It smells good, makes one fit for work.

Strong or light, it needs water to exist.

I sometimes show that it mixes with blood.


Vital for man and essential in my work.

It allows the ink and coffee to move forward if it has already explored the premises.

It can also divide and make visible that which can be hidden.


I have chosen them to help me represent these sensitive bodies in motion or at rest.

In twos, they often dance, embrace and merge.

© Copyright Vaesca - 2016